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bring the real stuff back on your table

New Concept Coffee

Roast and Ground Drip

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The First in the World

US Patent Filtercup is the convenient coffee filter that focus on 3 brewing skill to bring out the hidden taste out of your coffee. It is a new concept to re-utilize the coffee filter to reduce domestic waste. It is designed in mind to give user a better peace of mind.

The more responsible way to brew a cuppa SMILE.

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Welcome to a whole NEW Concept to brew your coffee & tea.

Be part of Climate Changing Awareness Society that Provide Solution to Our Community.

Be part of the Winning Team that Bring Back the Fun of Brewing and Drinking Coffee & Tea.

A new concept to brew and to reuse.

Start small if you cannot make a big change.

Peace of Mind for those who love mother earth.

Using filtercup to brew a personalize cup of coffee is one of the best way to enjoy your day. There is no need to wash or clean the coffee filter. Just dry it up for a day or two to reuse it as seedling media, perfume diffuser or other uses. This is why we call it the greenlogic coffee filter. This is a more sustainable brewing concept. greenlogic concept is to transform the coffee filter into something useful that can be reused by the consumer. The way to transform a greenlogic filter cup is very simple. Just dry it under the sun 1-2 days. After dry, the waste coffee ground and the coffee filter can be Reused to scent the car, room or toilet. It can also be transformed into shoe odor trap or absorbing moisture in damp shelves and cabinets. Or if you want something more sophisticated, you can use it to trap CO2 and various pollutants in urban air.


Modern consumers understand the heavy burden that must be borne by our Mother Earth from our daily consumption of waste. We hope that modern consumers will continue to support products that can coexist with nature. There is no coffee product on the market that can offer so many benefits to consumers as greenlogic filter cup can offer.

niceodrip is not just about coffee and tea. niceodrip is a new concept that brings daily product such as coffee and tea to live in parallel to our living space. niceodrip is a new lifestyle to co-existing with Mother Earth. At niceodrip, we keep on challenging ourselves to become a beneficial product for Earth.

Some of our solution is quite simple and useful for household such as Aromatherapy Cube. All of this innovation are just the beginning of a New Era to reuse and live in parallels with ME (Mother Earth). In the future, niceodrip are making more effort to collaborate with engineering students to improve more uses that could beneficial to clean the polluted air indoor or outdoor.

Tropical Leaves

A New Concept


with a cup of coffee

Working hard

to provide

more solution

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Bigger Always


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Artistic Drip

to Get the


Taste I Want

Filtered Coffee

Raining is a pour over brewing technique that is often found in high-class cafes. This technique usually costs a cup of coffee that is more expensive than the brewed espresso machine because of the high extraction yield control factor, usually done by senior baristas. Because of this human skill factor, it is very expensive in a famous café. You could say "Human Skill is more Superior than any Coffee Machine"

Twistering is a brewing technique that uses vortex energy to release coffee juice from brewed coffee grounds. If you have ever watched a washing machine advertisement on commercial TV, then you will be familiar with how to spin the washing machine to remove stains on washed clothes. If the washing machine doesn't turn, then don't expect the stain to come off easily. The difference here that is released from ground coffee is the essence of coffee. Vortex energy is extraordinary energy in our universe, for example the earth can be a place for human life, one of which is because of this kinetic energy. Another example, I never watched twister films in the 90s. The film tells about the tremendous energy of a tornado lifting cars and houses high into the air. This rotating energy is often the difference in draining the essence of coffee from brewed ground coffee. The more powerful the rotation will produce the more intense the extraction. Regarding whether you like it or not with a more intense coffee, we will return it to the taste of each coffee connoisseur.

Thundering is a brewing technique that uses shock wave energy to release the essence of coffee from very extreme ground coffee. When the water in the filter cup almost reaches the bottom of the cup, do repeated tapping the filter cup and the adapter ring to the mug. With the shocking power, almost all of the coffee juice that is still in the coffee grounds will come off and fall into the mug. Even the aromatic coffee oil which is generally trapped in the filter paper will come off and slide smoothly into our coffee mugs. This aromatic coffee oil is sometimes considered a victory trophy for some coffee fanatics because in addition to making coffee more fragrant and fragrant it is also smoother on the palate of the mouth. The more intense we do the thundering technique, the more cloudy the color of our coffee will be because the fine particles of coffee pass into the mug. Experiment until you find the right number of thundering beats for you.

Or the Easy Peasy Way

Why niceodrip is different?

Because we want you to have a cuppa great coffee that sync with Mother Earth

A Better & Peace of Mind Brewing Concept

Saving Money

Cool Ideas

Refreshing your Home

Why ended your coffee in the garbage bin? Reuse it and never have to buy toilet or living room refresner

Reusing spent coffee ground and

filtercup as perfume difusser

Refreshing any corner of your Home

Change is Inevitable to


Domestic Waste

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