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Why Art?

Brewing a beautiful cup of coffee is considered as an ART because of its dificulties as many factors are involved such as grind size, temperature, speed of pour, height of pour, agitation during brew, timing and many delicate factors.

Filtercup is an unique coffee filter. It accomodates many essential pour-over brewing technique such as cone or flat bottom manual brew available in the market.

In fact, filtercup exceed & surprice many coffee & tea professional’s expectation as it also allow such an innovative movement as “spinning” and “thundering” to add more sophisticated ways to get a cup of SMILE. And, the most stunning fact is that it allows pressure to bring out the most lack factor in manual brew which is coffee oil which caused a huge different between methods.

Filtercup is just a tool for artisan coffee & tea lover. There is no great tool, the only thing great is the passing of the great artist. We humbly hope you enjoy it.

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