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How to Brew

The Barista Way / High Notes / Higher Vibe:

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  1. Measure your Coffee to Water Ratio. A golden rule to brew your coffee is 1 gr of coffee for every 16 milimeter of water. Start with 10 grams of coffee for 160 milimeter for 1 cup of coffee.

  2. Water temperature 900 – 960C

  3. Grind Size Medium to Fine.

  4. Slow circling pouring technique for 3.30 – 4 minnutes. Make sure to pre-wet evenly with 10% of measured hot water with a brief stop for around 30 seconds. Inhale the beautiful FIRST AROMA (the first 30 seconds) of your coffee. This aroma is rare to be enjoyed by coffee drinker mainly because people brews using automatic coffee machine with timer. You may still in the shower while your automatic coffee maker in the kitchen start to brew early in the morning. Or you are not allowed to get close to Barrista working area when you are in a cafe. You may enjoy this wonderfull often missed FIRST AROMA by many coffee drinker when using a small coffee brewer like filtercup. You can bring the coffee mug up close to your nose and inhale the FIRST AROMA while it is still in the process of brewing because of its light weight and practicality. Enjoy…

  5. Continue pouring with cirling in and out motion with full control. Spin/tap the filtercup if clogging apeared. Make smart adjustment during brewing as it is an ART & SCIENCE on the complexity of a grand orchestra.

  6. Brewing is considered done when drip is noticeably slow.

  7. Suitable for USA and European Coffee drinker

  8. For more detail expert way read more about: manual brew/pour over from other source.


The Daily Fast & Easy way / Commercial Product:

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  1. Pre-wet the coffee ground evenly with hot water for about 30 seconds.

  2. Press hot water from from press-thermos aim at the middle as the pressure will push evenly from mid point to start extracting your coffee ground. Filtercup love pressure, don’t hesitate to apply pressure using filtercup. Using kettle/flask click here, Using measure cup click here

  3. Twisterring / Spining technique is used to release clogging, get more extraction,  and increase brewing speed during brewing. Twisterring/Spinning is an effort to create a vortex force, like the one you see in hurricane or washing machine effect.  Twistering video click here

  4. Thundering is a fast way to drain all the water from filtercup into your coffee mug. Thundering technique is preferable for brewing a heavier body & more oils (existency of coffee oil is  one of the “golden throphy” in most of great cup). Thundering is done by tapping the filtercup “up and down” or “side to side” to the coffee mug. Thundering click here.

  5. Suitable for South East Asian Coffee drinker.Enjoy a cup of fresh, clean and full bodied cup of coffee.

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