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Why Science?

Filtercup is basically a Scientific Brewing Tools :

  • It maintain a good flow of liquid into the cup.

  • Its perforations are design to get a controllable brewing cycle.

  • It is a controllable brewing device base on many of its feature such as spinning speed and number of perforations.

  • It allows G Force (Gravity) to get a desire brew base on the height of pouring.


Other Factors :


Without Machine

Our Scientific Extraction Technique – which we call "Spinning" :

Spinning or Twistering is  a movement to ensure the coffee ground get swirling agitation just like washing machine (vortex) effect in order to maximize extraction without machine or electricity.

Without Electricity

Our Scientific Extraction Technique – which we call "Thundering" :

Thundering is a movement to drain all the extraction and final push to draw essential coffee oil into the cup.

Earth Sciene :

Filtercup is an excellent choice to be go green as it is a ready to use seedling media. It can be reused as water and air filter when filled with activated carbon for many filtering purposes.

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