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1st in the WORLD


Welcome to the world’s first disposable coffee and tea maker that we call: “Filtercup”. As we all know, making a cup of quality coffee from ground coffee beans is troublesome.


We must need at least a coffee maker or simpler tools such as coffee strainer, french press, or percolator which required us to wash after each usage. And from consumer behavior survey, we have concluded that many coffee drinkers think washing after brewing a cup of ground coffee is the most troublesome. Instant coffee is another choice; however, the perceived quality and taste of instant coffee so far could not even match with quality and taste from real coffee ground.


Now, with new innovation from NiceOdrip, troublesome and cleaning is all over. You can bring your quality coffee ground back on your table. You can sit back and relax while waiting for your coffee brewing by itself or perhaps you can inhale and enjoy the heavenly aroma and take it as an Aroma Therapy right in front of your nose. Soooo Fresh, all of your senses might like it from the first try. 


It is simple to use. It is required no machinery to operate. You can just add hot water into it, just like when you make a cup of instant coffee. As a bonus, you can even use the spent filtercup  as a seedling media to plant more tree to save our fevering planet. “Go Green is Easy, Just a Cup of Coffee”.





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