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What is AroCube?

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 A New Way to
Recycle your Coffee

100% Sustainable

Indonesia’s 1st Green Concept with Coffee Grounds!

AroCube (Aromatherapy Cube) is the first ever green concept for room refreshener in Indonesia

which use waste coffee grounds as its media.

AroCube transforms waste coffee grounds and filter cup as into

a smart room refreshener. A silent fan helps spreads calming fragrance to your whole living space.

This transformation process will reduce domestic waste in every household,

and achieving our goal towards zero waste lifestyle.

The less we buy new stuff, the less carbon footprint will be produced.

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Save ME (Mother Earth)
Save You
Save your Money

Go Green = Money Saver

AroCube will lasts up to 5 months with just one bottle of our perfume.

More than twice the lifespan of ordinary room freshener.

What’s more, you can change the fragrance smell anytime you like,

and you can even combine some of the perfume to invent new variants!

Recycle Your Coffee with Style
Peace of Mind
Shopping for ME (Mother Earth)

Why AroCube?

We believe in Mother Earth's restoration back to its viable living space.

Over 60 million tons of coffee grounds around the world just goes to garbage bin,

producing methane gas which is harmful for the environment, therefore contributes to global warming.

AroCube is the new and smart way to reduce those negative effects

by re-using coffee grounds and turn it into natural air freshener and fragrance,

which will lasts for many years to come.

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Reuse Value

Eliminate Odor and Save Money

Our Commitment to ME       (Mother Earth)

We're dedicated to make positive impact on the environment

while providing innovative solutions for everyday needs.

AroCube has a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

By utilizing waste coffee grounds as the medium for fragrance,

we're not only creating a long-lasting scent experience but also diverting tons of waste from landfills.

Join us in our mission now with AroCube!

Bring back the scent of the nature
into your living space

AroCube refreshing your entire living space

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